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We are a group of Forex traders in Israel with one mission: make a winning robot. After years of development, we have achieved our goal.

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We use the system for our own Forex trading and whenever a signal is produced we enter a trade. For us, there is zero guess work involved and there is no uncertainty on when to trade.
Let The Money Work For You

Our smart trading robot is based on AI, and helps you trade in real-time generating profits in a short period of time. Now is the time to start trading to gain exclusive access to the world's most advanced trading software, and double your investment into a very nice profit.

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Income Without A Large Investment

Start seeing profits in a short period of time, without investing large sums of money
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Trade from anywhere in the world, no matter where you are. The capital market, FOREX and crypto are international. With the help of our smart trading robot you will get control over profits and results

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Automated Results

The Treedex robot provides traders with real-time automated results that can be trusted as we boast a 93% winning track record with verified Myfxbook acounts, and expect to get better with each and every passing day.

Easy to start

With full length installation guides, an ultra responsive support team, super profitable settings, analysis and walkthrough videos, traders of all skill levels can benefit from the Treedex software immediately.

High Slippage Protection

Slippage erodes your profit. One of the reasons for slippage is a faulty, EAs that can't calculate and execute trades quickly. Slippage happens frequently during high volatility trading sessions with rapid market reversals and price fluctuations. Treedex is optimized to execute trades quickly at the right moment, lowering the possibility of slippage with each trade.

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